Two guys riding Sybians side by side… seriously rare indeed! The ultimate prostate milking machine is made for women!

QuestionI have been trying to milk myself for a while now and can never get it right, tips? Answer

Hey Advtime54~

Thanks for the question. I have answered many questions on tips and tricks for prostate milking and massage. Have gone back and tagged many with the “How-to” tag, so suggest searching though the posts first with that tag, then perhaps go month by month through the old posts. You will find much of what you are looking for I am sure. If not, a specific question might be easier! 

Thanks, and keep playing~


QuestionFollowed you for a while, but have just spent half an hour going thru you blog. Brilliant Nuff said. Answer

Hey Luvtobedom~

Thanks for the compliments, and I am glad you had a chance to hang out here for a while! When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would strike such a chord with so many people. Nice to share though, so enjoy!


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QuestionHow hard us it to milk your prostrate Answer

Hey rikibond007~

Easy, if you know how. And worth the exploration if you don’t. Read though my posts and responses and you will discover so handy tactics and tips for enjoying your prostate, and milking it till the cum pours out of you!



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QuestionI love prostate stimulation!! Either by me or others Answer

Hey Timburr81~

Thanks and of course I assume you own a prostate, and the feeling is amazing, so keep enjoying the toy!


QuestionWat is the best way of removing hair without shaving Answer

Hey Foreverhorney8~

Thanks for the question, and since I have now tried three ways of removing my own pubic hair, I can chime in on this subject. Razors are a pain. Simple enough. I have had good success with Veet Hair Removal Cream. But I warn you that if you leave it on longer than 10 minutes it will hurt like hell. Over time I have found that the skin gets tougher and is not as susceptible to the burn, but even on your balls this works. Not so good around your asshole, which leads me to the more recent experience I had of doing my own Brazilian Wax job. Ha ha ha… I can hear those of you out there snickering, but I wanted to give it a try.

Heads up on this… it works great at removing hair, but it would help to be a little loaded if you do this at home, cause its a mess and it hurts like hell - at first! DO NOT use the hot wax on your balls as it also removes the skin. Kid you not, at least the Sally Hansen Kit I got.

Waxing is easy around your pubic mound and even OK down along side you inside groin, but waxing around your asshole is not easy with only two hands. More laughter I am sure! Have your partner get loosened up with you with a few cocktails then tackle this together, for a fun, sticky if not perfect afternoon naked and unafraid!

For longevity, waxing is good but I found the ingrown hairs bothersome once they do come back. Veet is great for every 10-14 days, and while some stubble is left, it is soft and easily rubbed or plucked off.

If you have the intention of being hairless in certain places for a long time, try plucking them out with tweezers. After a year of this, nothing grows back, which is I have found the ultimate and best solution!

Good luck,


Ahhhh…. know how you feel!

Ahhhh…. know how you feel!