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QuestionTell me how to do it? Answer

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Thanks for the question? Simply search on the blog for my posts that are tagged “how-to”, and note that some of the older un-tagged posts are also on point. and answer how to questions.

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QuestionHey, Love your blog. Just wanted to tell you about a dildo that your fans and followers NEED to hear about. My wife just bought a toy called the Lelo Ella. she got it for her, but the minute i saw it, i told her that I had to have it in me. We've used it on me 3 times now and it's made me cum hands free within 5 minutes every time. This thing is amazing and everyone who likes prostate play must try it. Just thought I'd tell you about it and maybe you could pass on the info. Answer

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Thanks for the kudos and tips for a good prostate toy. Lelo makes nice stuff… good to know.



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QuestionHow do I submit a photo to your blog Answer

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Thanks for the question. Scroll down on the left side of bog, and click on “Send me something that will make my day…”



FAN SUBMISSION: Discovered my prostate thanks to a doctor’s exam. Not like this one but imagine it is more common than thought!

I was happily molested by my pediatrician when I experienced my first Prostate “Exam” more like a massage with a happy ending at 18 when taking my physical for college.  It was the first time I had seen him with out my parents.  He had his son still in medical school as his working apprentice and a lovely young slutty nurse do the honors as he dictated what to do.  He teased me for enjoying it so much. I gladly accepted the humiliation with the intense orgasm I received.  I made sure to never miss an annual check up again.  I so miss Dr. Cohen.  Do you have an a”adult” Pediatrician you might recommend?

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Now thats a kinky threesome.

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Perhaps the finest prostate milking machine ever made is the Sybian - the ultimate sex machine for women! Butt having ridden one of these, I can attest that it is prostate play heaven! Seeing TWO guys, let alone one, riding a Sybian is so rare… enjoy!

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Pretty gurl in fishnets milks her prostate and drains her fat balls for a delicious hot load. 

Rare, butt a prostate is a prostate regardless of how you milk it!