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SUBMISSION: Likes to play big and deep!
"TAKE A LOOK AT MY SLUT  have a look at or blog and post what u like"

SUBMISSION: Likes to play big and deep!

"TAKE A LOOK AT MY SLUT  have a look at or blog and post what u like"

noxxx1 Asked
QuestionMy girlfriend and I want to get into anal fisting with me on the receiving side. Do you have any tips and recommendations? Also, in what cases is it really dangerous? Answer

Hey Noxxx1~

Thanks for the question. Cool! You are both in for an amazing journey that will leave you both soaking wet and panting for breath! Just spent some time in our sling last night with my fiance’s fist in my ass, after she rode the sling and my cock for a while. Took some time this morning to clean up the place so it looked normal again instead of our play space!

Fingernails-BAD. Gloves-GOOD. Crisco and J-lube-GOOD (More is better). Poppers-GOOD. Patience-Good. Enema-GOOD. Lots of paper towels for cleanup-GOOD.

I would suggest that you can take a good sized dildo, at least 2.75-3.00 inches first. Realize that a toy gives and compresses more than her hand will. I can take a large toy, larger than my fiances hands and still it feels like she is way bigger than the toys!

Play together with the toys first… get relaxed and set the mood. The first time should be a dedicated play time just for this. Have lube and gloves and towels and poppers ready. Poppers work great for helping you to let go of that last bit of resistance when you are right on the edge of taking something larger…. but be patient. Go Slow. Enjoy the ride. 

And once she slips inside your ass, and you will in fact pull her into you once she gets her thumb joint past the first sphincter, then stop everything - until you get over the shock of the act and get accustomed to her hand now planted inside you! It’s a wild sensation.

Dangers are minimal really… without using gloves a fingernail can cut or scratch your rectum, causing bleeding. Taking too large an object when on drugs or ignoring extreme pain, could cause a tear or fissure in your anus. Butt aside from that, your body is amazingly flexible, and can take stretching so enjoy. You will probably like it - a lot. And want to play that way more so be prepared for that desire. It’s like opening Pandora’s Box… but instead it’s your asshole that’s getting opened!

Oh, and your ass will go back to it’s original size, so do not worry that extreme anal play and or stretching is going to change how your body closes up after being opened up. 

Enjoy and thanks for the question.

Send me pics when you play!


QuestionGreat blog! Very informative and inspiring, I just started my own and linked yours. Keep up the good work. Answer

Hey Tazmanianpaincoaster~

Thanks for the compliments, and looking forward to seeing your blog as you develop it! Will do!