QuestionYou view is called bisexual heteroromantic Answer

Sweet…. I knew there was some kind of a box I would fit into!

czericus Asked
Questionso, i have acquired a couple of really enjoyable vibrating prostate massagers. my question is, is there a trick to actually milking the prostate(not just cumming) or does it just take regular practice? Answer

Hey Czericus~

Thanks for the question and milking a prostate is simple. Do not over think this… IF you have something in contact with your prostate ie; dildo, vibrator, yours or someone elses finger, fist etc… and you massage your prostate, then within 4-5 minutes, sometime faster, you will see clear, thick and stringy fluid begin to flow out the tip of your cock. You may or may not be erect, although being hard is a common side effect of this kind of play. Play longer, and the fluid will begin to look more like semen. Cumming is not necessary, but in the end, you will beg to cum!!!

If there is any trick at all… it is to start the massage or touch at the top of the prostate and then milk it by running your toy or finger down the center line, towards your cock… with slight pressure towards the front of your lower belly! That’ it.

And yes, the more experience you have with this kind of play, the more you will like it… and know what to expect.

Thanks, and enjoy!