QuestionHello. My boyfriend and I have just recently explored it, and let me tell you, we both LOVE it. Well, at least I think he does, and I know I do. One thing I'm curious about (we don't have too much time to talk about in depth stuff sometimes). With my finger, I understand that there's a certain spot, but what would I be feeling? Is it just a soft spot against the wall, or will I be able to feel the prostate underneath? Answer

Hey Bigdaddyskitten~

Thanks for the question and congrats on your prostate enlightenment! Not sure about others as I have never fingered someone else’s prostate… but I have extensively played with mine! What I know is this - About 2-3” inside my ass, on the front side of my body, there is a glad the size of a walnut in the shell. It is not so noticeable by feelings in my finger UNTIL it is stimulated. I can most definitely feel it from inside though, even un-stimulated at first touch. As you stimulate and play with the prostate, two distinct halves swell, leaving a trough down the middle. Mine actually gets firm to the touch, and I can and do gently milk the center line from top to bottom. This produces a copious amount of clear fluid flowing from my cock… and feels like heaven.

As I get close to cumming… my prostate will engorge along with my cock. And when I come… everything is hard and pulsing. I have described it as having TWO HEADS to my cock… one at each end! The prostate is that sensitive for me…. and thus this blog!

You should be able to feel his prostate. I can feel where my partners G-spot is… but enjoy the explorations and ask for feedback as you do.


hi….don’t use tumblr much—-but your blog stands out…question….is what I put here automatically posted…or does it go just to your e-mail?

You can specify if you want it private or published when you ask the question. I am answering this one publicly back to you. Thanks for the cudos… will answer publicly unless you specify in the future… usually everyone wants their answers posted! And this is the SUBMIT option… I believe you can also use the ASK ME A QUESTION option if you want a private answer!


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QuestionIs that your cock as your avatar pic? If so nice cock ring. What kind is it? Answer

Hey Tonycap82~

Thanks, and you have given me an idea for my avatar! Will shoot myself like that then replace the pic. I have that cock ring… it is a heavy chrome doughnut and it is great to wear. The 2” is tighter than my other metal cock rings, but the weight is great. 

Look for a new avatar soon!


Questionthis may be off topic, but what is straightbi? Answer

Hey Caniwishfor~

Thanks for the question. My term for describing my orientation sexually. I am a str8 guy for the most part… just love having my ass played with, and since I have had a couple tantric massages by men, and do not freak out if in the company of other guys naked and playing, then I guess I have a bi side as well. Just not into guys romantically… kissing, giving head etc…

Thanks, and enjoy!


QuestionLove your blog. Is there a chat room like this for lovers of this? I love being on all fours being milked from behind - it feels more submissive and animalistic that way- like being milked like a cow- what do you prefer? Answer

Hey Williewagtail ~

Thanks for the compliments and yes, there is a great site with all kinds of kinks for those of us who wish to reach out - Check out

And depending on my mood… if I want to be more selfish and feel like I am being totally taken and controlled… then on all fours is ideal. If I wish a more connected play session, then on my back, legs drawn up and my partner close… eye contact is the key here!

Right now, I am craving another session on the massage table… if was mind blowing!



With a little practice…this could be you!


With a little practice…this could be you!



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QuestionHey! First off, awesome blog. My question has to do with my girlfriend. I have been dating her for over a year and we have a great sex life. I am into some kinkier things though and I can tell she has been very sheltered from the wide world of sex. I'm not saying she doesn't love sex, but anything past vaginal intercourse, fingering/hangjob, and oral sex is pretty much weird in her eyes. I want her to massage my prostate but I don't know how to ask. Is it too soon in relationship? If not, how? Answer

Hey Uncommontastes~

Thanks for the question. I have found over time that the sooner in a relationship you discuss your fantasies with your partner, making clear your sexual nature, the better. As it is now, your gf is not as progressive sexually as you are. 

You have two choices really - discuss your desires and fantasies with her assuming she is in love with you such that she will accept your desires. Note that if she does not do so willingly, or has disdain for playing with your asshole as she milks your prostate, it will be an issue for you both.

Some people just do not have the desire for sexual exploration, but before you give up and decide to do without - and the without is either without your desires being met OR without her in your life…. have a discussion with her about what she wants. Find out her desires, turn-ons, fantasies…. make some suggestions, dig a little, take her to a porn shop or online toy store. There has got to be something she is not telling you that she wants and desires… so give it to her. Make sure she knows you want to give her everything and anything sexually she could ever hope for… and then be a man of your word. Make the sexplorations about her, not you. In time, she will want to reciprocate the offer…. and then do not be shy. 

Good luck…