me-mikey Asked
Questionim single but do u line anal object insertion or fingers?? Answer

Hey Me-Mikey~

Thanks for the question, but I prefer objects/toys unless of course it’s my fiance’s fingers and fist!



QuestionHelp me find a woman who's willing to have anal play with me in Jamaica please. :( Answer

Hey Blvck-steez~

Thanks, but if I had that kind of power I would be playing the lottery and money would not be an issue!

Good luck!

QuestionHi - contrats to you blog ! What's your preferred position when you massage your prostate by yourself ? Which finger ? Txs for the answer ! Answer

Hey Ollilalohair~

Thanks for the question. When I am on my back, using fingers only, I seem to get the most depth and access so this is my preferred position. I have long fingers, so have tried them all! Middle finger usually though.

Thanks and enjoy!