i myself have been exploring anal sex on myself for many years .  i have a penis like dildo that is thick and has veins on it . i just love the feel on my entrance going in and out .  i have found my prostate by accident ,one day i was using my didlo . i was in a doggie position and was really giving my ass a workout  when all of a sudden my penis felt like it explode and my groin mussles were shaking and my anus was contracting and i shot a huge  load and had the most powerful orgasm of my life including femal partners.  i was so euforic . my penis throbed and my anus pushed my toy out and i fell asleep right there on the floor . i awoke and tryed to do it again .  i came again but this time it was just my prostate and contracting anal opening .   i still enjoy having my ass full and my penis dripping  to the most amazing orgasms .   on a good day i can have multipul  anal orgasms then jack off and have a penal orgasm .  i am glad to find some one else who can relate. thanks

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